If you are interested in swapping some art with me, chances are that I'm interested in swapping some art with you!  I enjoy trading paper, ATCs, postcards, bookmarks, journal pages, tags, Rolodex cards, inchies...pretty much anything.  If you have a trade in mind, send me an e-mail at aleakaskey@yahoo.com and we'll work out the details. 

Here are some other on-going or recurring swaps that might interest you:

  • Mail Me Some Art:  Check out the "Open Swaps" tab to see what's going on.  They have done ATCs, postcards, and file folder envelopes.
  • La Wendula's Paper Swap:  Check the site for the current month's theme, or to see if there is a Quick Swap going on.  It's a great way to get some new papers and ephemera into your collection.
  • ATCs for All: A community for ATC and mail art trading and swapping, as well as things like chunky books, inchies, twinchies, charms, art journals, altered art, and rolodexes cards.  I've never participated in a swap here, but it looks like fun!
  • Postcrossing:  This site sets you up to send and receive postcards from around the world!
  • Swap-bot:  This site organizes all kinds of swap groups, for just about any kind of swap you can dream up!  It's another one that I have not used personally, but it looks like the place to go if you want to get involved in different kinds of art swaps.

If you would like to tell me about any more swaps you have participated in and enjoyed, leave a comment and I'll add them to my list!


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